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Indigenous Jobs Canada

Jobs for Indigenous People

Indigenous Jobs Canada, a national job listing website, specifically focuses on promoting the employment opportunities for every indigenous communities, including, aboriginal, first nations and Metis communities. We work with the employers recruiting from indigenous communities and promote the job vacancies. Indigenousjobscanada.ca reaches to the skilled workers in aboriginal and other indigenous communities and helps them to get a job. We work hand-in-hand with the employers and business owners from indigenous communities as well as the indigenous workers and jobseekers to make the hiring process easier.

Indigenousjobscanada.ca aims to provide jobs for indigenous people in Canada as there by to raise the living conditions of the indigenous communities. Every skilled Aboriginal, First Nations and Metis worker should have access to the Canada’s job market and should be given the same employment opportunities as others. However, even in this century, many indigenous communities in Canada are left out from the employment opportunities either due to lack of access to resources, soft skills or the technical limitations that they are not aware of the job vacancies outside their own communities.

Indigenous Jobs Canada


Indigenousjobscanada.ca should stand as the best and No.1 national employment job portal for Indigenous communities in Canada and should increase the employment opportunities for Indigenous workers in Canada thereby improve the standards of overall Canadian workforce.


Introduce an online job bank for Indigenous workers in Canada through which they can search a job, find a job and apply for a job from the Indigenous employers in Canada.


An open minded inclusive attitude, strong passion for the upliftment of indigenous communities, a long history and great experience in the employment industry in Canada.

Recruit Indigenous Workers

Canada’s labor market has not well utilized the indigenous workforce or all the benefits that indigenous communities offer. Recruiters often forget about the potentials of indigenous communities and don’t specifically look for indigenous workers. By introducing an online job bank, we make it possible for recruiters, business owners and non-profit organizations to tap into the under-utilized indigenous communities and recruit suitable indigenous workers.

Indigenousjobscanada.ca provides a job advertising website for the employers recruiting indigenous workers to display the job listings and receive job applications from indigenous workers. This recruitment websites is exclusively for Canada’s Indigenous workforce and so the indigenous job seekers can be assured that they won’t be ignored in the hiring process just because they are from indigenous communities.

"If all opportunities were equal and the Indigenous labor force was fully mobilized, it could lead to a $27.7 billion annual contribution to the Canadian GDP. The Government of Canada must take immediate, significant, and clear steps towards closing the gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples."

quoted from National Indigenous Economic Development Board website.

Indigenous Jobseekers Canada

Canada is still behind in utilizing the skills of the indigenous communities. There are a lot of educated and high skilled indigenous workers among Aboriginal, First Nations and Metis communities of Canada. Indigenousjobscanada.ca is always trying to help the Indigenous jobseekers in Canada by providing them a job portal specifically focused for employers hiring from indigenous communities.

We work with employers, business owners and non-profit organizations educate them about the benefits of recruiting indigenous workers and streamline the recruitment process making it quicker and easier for jobseekers from indigenous communities to secure a job.